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hhhGabriela is a AfroPeruvian-Brazilian living in the United States.

"95% of all Africans that came to the Americas, went to Latin America and the Caribbean. Brazil and Colombia have the two largest Afrodescendant population in Latin America . "


Go Back, Fetch It

AfroDiasporic Elders Project

by Dash Harris


A collection of multi-media oral  histories  from elders across the African Diaspora.

The documentary follows two tamboreros of Havana, Cuba, who play bata drums in Santeria ceremonies.

Gabriela is an AfroBrazilian-Peruvian filmmaker currently pursuing her MFA at Temple University. She has over five years experience in Brazilian media and hopes to contribute to positive representations of AfroBrazilians in Brazil. Gabriela is trilingual in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Mark is a Martiniquan-American photographer based in New York. He has documented various communities in the U.S. and Europe. Mark is bilingual in English and French.


2015 - 2016 Afro Trips November 18-22 2015 Bluefields - Orinoco - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua December 18-24 2015 Havana - Trinidad, Cuba January 2016 Bocas del Toro - Gorgona - Colon, Panama
February 2016 Lima - El Carmen, Peru
March 2016 Havana - Matanzas - Trinidad - Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
May 2016 Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro- Bahia, Brazil
June 2016 Veracruz - Guerrero, Mexico
July 2016 Panama - Colombia's Black Coast
July-August 2016 Havana - Matanzas - Trinidad - Santiago de Cuba
*September-December 2016 Trips Coming Soon

An outlet for young, Black travelers to share their international travel experience and tips  .

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Our AfroLatino Works

Documented the lives, culture and history of Afrodescendants in Peru.

Organized workshops and school supplies and toy drives for youth in Panama. .

A collection of interviews with Afrodescendants around the globe.

Negro is a docu-series exploring identity, colonization, racism and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean and the color complex among Latinos.

A web-series documenting the lives of Afrodescendants living in Brazil.

Nosotros, AfroPeruanos

by Gabriela Watson

Malembo - Community Building


          by Dash Harris

NEGRO: A docu-series about

Latino Identity

by Dash Harris


Afro Trip: Brazil

by Gabriela Watson


by Javier Wallace & Terry Peden


by Dash Harris & Marco Guarino

Photos courtesy of: Milena Carranza Valcarcel, Gardy V. Guerrier of and the AfroLatino Travel Team


With over 40 years of combined living, traveling and studying throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, we have true expertise on AfroDiasporic travel.


We are here for all your travel consulting needs. From booking air and accommodations to recommending important, oftentimes little known, historical sites, we offer individualized itineraries for travelers.

Community-Building & Service

We partner with organizations doing grassroots work to enrich our communities.


Inti Wasi - Brazil

Mama Tingo Grita Fuerte - NYC

Fundacion Bahia de Portobelo - Panama

Blackpackas - U.S - Panama

Proyecto Iwa Pele - Peru

Makungu para El Desarollo- Peru

Miss Rizos - Dominican Republic

Diosas Al Natural - Puerto Rico

Proyecto Muralismo - Nicaragua

DIAFAR - Argentina




AfroDiasporic History & Heritage

Explore the over 500 years of African roots of contemporary Latin America  through our portal.

Guide and Map Afrodescended Regions

Our interactive curriculum and map shows cities, towns and regions with  significant Afrodescended populations and history. Read the history, view photos and videos,, ready for individual or classroom learning.

AfroLatino Tourism





Colon - Bocas - Panama City, Panama

Havana - Trinidad, Cuba

Lima - El Carmen, Peru

Cali -San Andres - Cartagena,  Colombia

Atlantic Coast, Nicaragua

Loiza, Puerto Rico

Mexico City, Mexico


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-Coordinate retreats, trips, local tours  for individuals, groups and organizations

-Connect travelers with local tour guides

-Virtual concierge service

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Latin America Team

Dash is a Panamanian-American living in Panama. She has lived traveled, researched and documented Afrodescendant communities in over 14 countries. Dash holds a BA in Journalism from Temple University.

Lamar holds a BA in Marketing from Baruch College and has since opened and operated a hostel in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Lamar has incorporated multiple non for profits including the Afro Panamanian chamber of commerce in New York City. Lamar is bilingual in Spanish and English.




Javier  holds a BS  in public relations and a Master's in Sports Management from Florida A & M University. Javier enjoys traveling and has a strong passion for youth development through the use of sport.






U.S. Team

"There are over 150 million AfroLatinos in Latin America,

over a third of the population. "

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AfroLatino Travel is the resource for Afrodiasporic information, multi-media, travel curation and cultural exchange in the Americas. We provide contextual historical and contemporary content on the African root through photos, text, video, sound and  travel to Afrodescended regions.

We serve as a historical and contemporary resource for research of the African DIaspora in Latin America and those who wish to visit and explore the region.

We offer  history, insight, and individualized perspectives through curated tours and local guides from the region.


We connect individuals and organizations throughout the Americas to foster cultural exchange and community-building.

The premier travel and culture resource of the African Diaspora in

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